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Mental energy: 10 tips to unleash your mental power

Posted By: Robert F. Crocker - 5:19 AM
mental power

Our mind is the center of our life. It is the "engine" that allows us to achieve our goals and vital goals. It is normal that sometimes we find ourselves lower in energy and feel that we forget things, that we have misconceptions, that we make wrong decisions, that it is hard for us to think clearly, etc ... Mental fatigue, is often accompanied by feelings of sadness, irritability, anxiety , stress, worry. These negative feelings can affect our day to day, producing dissatisfaction and unhappiness. In this article we tell you how to boost your mental power. Discover these 10 simple tips that will help you improve mental energy.

A high level of mental energy can help you be more decisive, more creative, more imaginative and faster mentally. By enhancing your mental power, you will be able to deal more effectively with the different daily difficulties and problems.

10 tips to boost your mental energy:

We are living beings. We obtain and produce our mental energy from water, air, sun, food, laughter; but we are also cultural beings that feed on books, social relations, travel and video games. This post takes a tour of the most elemental "mental energy sources" that you can source. Discover 10 tips that will help you improve your mental power:

1. Drinking water and hydrating is the first step to increase your mental energy

Water is a source of mental energy. In 2012, a study with students at a London university found that students who drank water during an exam increased their scores by 5% more than those who did not drink water. If you are going to take an exam, I recommend reading these tips that can help you pass.

2. Use the breath consciously

We can get mental energy thanks to breathing. For example, if you feel anxiety, stress, or distress, breathing is a self-control mode that, with a little practice, will prevent your mental energy from collapsing in critical situations.

3. Take advantage of sunlight as a natural source of mental energy

Have you ever wondered how your brain reacts under exposure to sunlight? Internally, sunlight produces an elevation of metabolic energy, is a natural source of vitamin D (which influences the speed of connections between neurons) and "turns off" sleep neurons that produce drowsiness. Have you noticed how your mental and physical energy increases in summer and decreases during the beginning of autumn? It is because, for example, direct and intense light makes us more active, makes us move more or we can stand longer. And have you noticed what happens in a room with dim or warm light? In these situations our body relaxes, we talk less and the tone of speech goes down. According This experiment in the Autonomous University of Mexico , light stimulates the right side of the brain in a particularly positive way: it increases the speed of thought, produces more reflective and deep thoughts, and stimulates creativity.

4. Get more mental energy thanks to diet

Follow a responsible diet with all the necessary nutrients. It is obvious that much of the energy we get comes from our food source. There are some foods that are highly recommended for the care and functioning of the brain, such as those rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vegetable fats, the group of B vitamins, especially folic acid, vitamin D, antioxidants or phosphorus. Diet can help you prevent alzhiemer and premature aging of the brain.

5. Laughter stimulates your positive mental energy

It is often said that there is no better medicine than laughter. This provides a source of physical (eg blood pressure), mental (on the state of mind) and social health (improves interpersonal relationships). Some research shows that laughter promotes mental processes that are contrary to psychological problems such as depression or insomnia. Read more about the psychological benefits of laughter in this link.

6. Reading books helps you grow and has a healing power

Reading, apart from the pleasure it provides, stimulates and develops our brain. Reading a book, a story, a poem ... often allows us to understand reality , approach different points of view to ours or acquire new knowledge .

7. Personal relationships are a source of emotional energy

The quantity is not as important as the quality of the relationships. Studies on online friendship networks indicate that having a large number of friend’s reports to our ego social and group benefits such as the feeling of belonging, a greater perception of social support and higher status. But do you really have so many friends?

8. Travel: refresh your mind and renew your mental energy

Knowing other cities, countries and people is a way to open the mind and break with routines. New faces, new dresses, new buildings, new landscapes ... the brain is nourished by attractive stimuli and creates new neuronal connections. In addition, traveling enhances your personal identity and makes you feel more satisfied with yourself. Discover how to be a traveler-adventurer: Do you have the Wanderlust gene?

9. Walking daily increases mental energy and brings you closer to the environment

By walking more and using less means of transport, such as the car or the subway, you generate benefits for your physical health (eg. decreases the risk of cardiovascular problems) and you are producing good mental energy. If you are one of those who walk around the city, you will have a more positive mood during the day than if you move by car in traffic. A Dutch study published in the Geographical Journal in 2015 about how interactions with the environment affect our wellbeing and mental health, indicated that by moving around the city walking from one place to another people experienced a greater sense of autonomy , they had more desire to relate to other people and feel more integrated in the environment.

10. Playing mental games or "brain games" will increase your power and mental energy

Today we already know the importance of being actively involved in our functions and cognitive capacity. And it is that the brain can be trained to obtain greater mental energy. From this perspective it translates into greater capacity, more processing speed, plasticity, flexibility of thoughts, ability to update information, speed of response.

Try Mental Health App:
CheerUp , The App & Club: Take Mental Strength To Next Level
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Deep Tissue Massage

Posted By: Robert F. Crocker - 11:52 PM

Deep Tissue Massage

Treatment of Chronic Pain and Reorganization of the Posture through the Mobilization of the Connective and Muscular Deep Tissue.

The fascia is the semi-flexible fibrous membrane of connective tissue that unites the different components of the human body. Pockets are formed within the fascia that contain the organs of the body. Mio means muscle. The myofascia covers serves supports and separates the body muscles. Each muscle fiber is wrapped in myofascia and in turn each muscle is also involved in myofascia.
The myofascial tissue has a dynamic behavior: under tension it increases its density and relative rigidity, giving the muscle a greater structural support. As a result of this increase in density that is generated by increasing the tension under which a body structure is located, rigidity and lack of flexibility can be generated, which in turn produce inability to move. Generally these are the result of misalignments or mechanical-postural and functional imbalances, many of them with emotional roots. The massage riverview fl has as main focus the treatment of both chronic and acute pain caused by this lack of flexibility and inability to move.

The modality of this body work is of a purely therapeutic nature, although those patients who are willing to receive a truly deep massage find that this technique is the one that relaxes them more than any other. The work is intimately related to anatomical and biomechanical principles and because part of its objective is to produce structural changes it is more prone to follow pre-established protocols. The functions of the myofascia and of the deep muscular structures will be detailed. Here you will learn the subtle art of working with levels of pressure that travel a narrow band below the tolerable pain thresholds of each patient, without ever exceeding them.

Oasis integrates traditional and modern concepts in order to prepare the student to work with a wide range of patients. You will learn to recognize and respond to specific individual needs and design sessions based on these needs. This is an advanced massage course not recommended for beginners or masseurs with little experience. The release of tensions deeply seated in the body requires a keen sensitivity to recognize both the physical and emotional nature of the afflicted soft tissues. The emphasis of this class will be the development of subtle perception and deep connective tissue awareness.

Our suggestion is that the student has completed the Californian Massage Oasis courses 1 and 2 before participating in this level and also have a weekly practice of at least 5 massages to take advantage of what they have learned in this class, whose level of detail, precision and depth elevate the skill of the professional to a new and distinguished category.

Given that this bodywork style frequently transits near the tolerable limits of pain, it is very important that the class present a safe and structured environment in which the student can develop his intuition, learn to detect areas of stiffness and pain as well as notice changes in the quality and texture of the deep muscular layers, before taking what they learned to their practice with patients. The class works regionally on the body focusing particularly on the identification of specific muscles, muscle groups and bony protuberances. In each area the characteristic problems will be studied and specific techniques for their treatment will be learned. The Deep Tissue Massage has a set of techniques that distinguish it from other forms of body work.

Movement is a fundamental aspect of the Deep Tissue work that is taught in this program. Joint movements, mobilizations and passive and resistive elongations are incorporated directly into the routines of this work. Given the slowness and depth with which these techniques are applied, the efficient use of body posture is vital to improve the quality and sensitivity of your work and increase your comfort.

In the Deep Tissue Massage program, the following will be taught:

  • How to release tension in deep tissues.
  • The proper use of the thumbs, fingers, hands, forearms and elbows.
  • Appropriate positioning of the patient and the therapist.
  • Articular mobilizations and basic elongations for the release of tension.
  • Applied structural anatomy and muscle physiology.
  • How to use Deep Tissue Massage to reduce stress and specific applications for various conditions previously diagnosed.
  • How to design individual sessions for each patient.

The program of studies in Deep Tissue Massage is aimed at those who wish to develop sensitivity to contact non-superficial structural tensions and thus be able to initiate a series of changes in the patient that will continue to unfold over time.

Deep Tissue Massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on the realignment of the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially useful for chronically tense and contracted areas, such as neck stiffness, back strain, and shoulder pain.
When there is chronic muscle tension or injury, there are usually adhesions (bands of rigid and painful tissue) in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, limited mobility and inflammation.

Deep Tissue Massage works by physically breaking those adhesions to relieve pain and restore normal movement. For this, the massage therapist often uses deep direct pressure or friction applied through the muscle fiber. Some of the passes are used as classic massage therapy, but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper concentrating on the areas of tension and pain. The therapist can use the thumbs, knuckles, hands, elbows and forearms during deep tissue massage.

Unlike classic massage therapy, which is used for relaxation, Deep Tissue Massage, usually focuses on specific problems, such as the following:

  • Chronic pain
  • Limited mobility
  • Recovery of injuries (eg, whiplash, falls, sports injuries)
  • Repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Posture problems
  • Pain due to osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle tension or spasms
There is usually an improvement in movement immediately after a Deep Tissue Massage.

The therapist can ask the client to breathe deeply while working in the areas of tension.

It is important to drink plenty of water after the massage to eliminate metabolic waste from the tissues.

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Active Isolated Stretching

Many myths and methods are concerned with the question of what our bodies need help with before and after sport to be fit. We are talking about the right warm-up, stretching and mobilizing . But one thing can be said with certainty: most people do it wrong!

Christoph Lamprecht

Pull a bit, stretch a bit and off to the work-out. Although many hobby athletes know from hearsay that the right preparation for training should bring positive effects for one's own performance , but more details usually remain in the dark. Accordingly, the effects of the loveless, because improper warming up tend to end sooner. On the other hand there are the Active Isolated Stretching fanatics who painfully exhaust the limits of their mobility with long static stretching before, during and after the sport - and are thus on the wrong track just like the Dehnmuffel.

What is the right way to prepare the body for the coming strain? How much agility do you need as a hobby athlete in order to master sporting tasks in the best possible way and without pain? The answer, like the topic itself, is complex and inevitably demands the counter-question as to what the athlete's claim is.

That classic runners do not have the same movement patterns and radii as ballet dancers or martial artists is obvious. This results in the warming up of the muscles, in mobilizing the joints, but also in stretching altogether completely different priorities. Of course, it is also important for the runner to counteract restrictions on movement in the best possible way in order to remain sufficiently mobile and pain-free in the long term. However, maintaining flexibility is not only about finding a suitable balance to the type of sport practiced, but also less about teaching hobby athletes undifferentiated positions such as the balancing act.


When warming up, as the name implies, the body temperature is increased by movement and the blood circulation is boosted. This can easily reach fit people with easy running (including squat, Anfersen etc.) , jumping rope or other exercises.

The purpose of warming up and stretching in sports science is primarily called injury prevention, even if the positive effects could not be clearly proven to this day. The fact that an increased mobility also prevents a large number of injuries seems to be obvious, but it is well known that not only athletes with mobility deficits , but also well-stretched ones injure themselves in sports .

SPORTaktiv expert Mario Nerad, personal trainer of "Vibes Fitness" in Graz, calls another important aspect of the warm-up, which is overlooked by many: "The warm-up also means the mental readiness for what follows. Warm-up can thus be understood as a ritual and signals to the body that it starts now. Anyone who is completely lost in sports with their thoughts runs the risk of hurting even in 
harmless work-outs . "


The first warm-up phase is followed by mobilization - specifically those areas that are then needed for sports. Of course, those who struggle after a long day's work with a stiff neck or tired wrists also mobilize these body parts (at best not only before training).


Whether to stretch before a burden is still the focus of studies that do not always come to a clear conclusion. In principle, stretching before the actual effort is only recommended in disciplines where extreme flexibility is a prerequisite for sporting success. For example, during stretching, gymnasts place the joints in the final position even before the actual load, which they should also take during the competition. For most amateur athletes , it is therefore advisable to concentrate on mobilization before training or competition and to use stretching as a separate training session . To read more: The 6 best stretching exercises for everyday life .

With a myth, we also want to clean up here: Proper stretching has no negative effect on strength training, as is often claimed. Contrary to the practice in many gyms , however, one should not stretch the just trained muscle. Especially not if you already feel the hard circulation caused by strong circulation ("pump") in the corresponding muscle.

Vibe fitness expert Mario Nerad even recommends stretching in splits. "Meaning: you never stretch the entire body, but only the body parts that are not primarily burdened at the work-out ."

EXTENSIONS IS NO ALL-ORIENTED Remedy To be able to "stretch"

muscle shortening, sore muscles or even minor injuries, as often happens, does not work. The stretching is to be regarded not as a panacea for painful movement restrictions, but is only one of the tools for the preservation or the acquisition of functional mobility is used. "The decisive factor here is the right combination of mobilization and stretching exercises, " says internationally recognized stretch specialist Karin Albrecht, "but it can turn out very differently depending on the person and their needs."

Basically, the Swiss called the stretching of the muscles both in sports and in therapy as useful and also necessary, " to optimize mobility, performance and regeneration . The prerequisite for this, however, is the concrete knowledge of physical strengths and deficits as well as the targeted 
application of stretch stimuli in order not to cause even negative effects. "


Katrin describes one of the most frequent mistakes that athletes make in this area over and over again Zunkovic from Vibes Fitness's impatience. "Many try to reach something too fast. agilityHowever, it takes time and discipline to achieve that. "What this means in concrete terms, Karin Albrecht described in her standard work" Stretching and Agility, "in which she speaks of a period of 360 to 700 days, which requires the connective tissue to adapt to new length requirements , "If after 6 to 9 months of consistent stretching no positive effects on the mobility set, it is advisable to take both Dehnanwendung and its execution as well as the affected muscles and joints again under the microscope."

The fact that the head first has to be trained to improve the physical radii of movement may sound funny and is not even known to most athletes. The most important factor for individual mobility is seen in today's sport science but the nervous system.

In the brain of every human being, neural patterns that dictate individual mobility arise through daily exercise habits . On the one hand, the brain has to learn movements in order to perform them optimally, on the other hand, the body allows only the eccentric deformation that he already knows. Among other things, the neural influence on mobility was proven by the fact that people under anesthesia - without conscious control - were much more mobile than in consciousness. The extension pain acts as a kind of neural stop and is intended to signal that you are approaching areas in which the corresponding body site is not normally located.


Because adaptation processes are continuousMobilizing, stretching and, above all, demanding time, should be clear about what you really want to achieve. Thus, for fitness and amateur athletes, the question arises, how much mobility is necessary at all, if there are no painful blockages. Katrin Zunkovic: "Someone who does sports twice an hour for one hour does not have the same mobility as a professional gymnast. Stretching and mobilization should be seen in the field of hobby especially as a balance to everyday life and the sport. Example: Most office workers are in a flex position during the day, which is best counteracted by activation of the extensor muscles. "

The fact that regeneration is reduced in principle to the body level today is strongly criticized by stretching expert Karin Albrecht. For them, regeneration is synonymous with relaxation and the ability to recover. "The so-called 'cooldown' is useful as a counterpart to warming up for both the body and the psyche. Light intensity exercise or leisurely pace will keep your body temperature and heart rate steadily low, saving your body the shock of an abrupt stop. " STRENGTH AS A RITUAL

In stretching after exerciseAlbrecht sees a good possibility to switch from the willingness to perform (sympathetic nervous system) in the relaxation (parasympathetic nervous system). For example, post-stretching is a doubly meaningful ritual that is important for both flexibility and mental and vegetative regeneration.

Of course, whether re-stretching has a positive or negative effect on regeneration also depends on how it is performed: if the body's recovery capacity is to be improved, it must be stretched so that the microcracks, which can cause muscle soreness and repair, can lead to muscle growth. not be further enlarged. In addition, the purpose of post-stretching is also in stimulating blood circulation. For this reason, after the load is stretched, either static or intermittent, with a light, at best medium load.

Even though the complexity of the topic makes many amateur athletes more discouraged, additional agility and freedom from pain make them feel completely new. Promised.

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In this Blog Post is about the benefits of Marijuana, a topic that we have already discussed on different occasions, we talk about the beneficial effects that cannabinoids have at therapeutic level. Starting from the basis that it is a subject in full development in which more research is needed to obtain conclusive data in the different areas investigated, then we leave 10 scientifically proven therapeutic benefits.

Diamond Kush Strain | Order Online | Pure Green Express

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1. Antiemetic:

Numerous studies indicate that cannabis has a powerful antiemetic effect, which reduces nausea and vomiting associated with side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy or drugs to treat diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis and even nausea associated with pregnancy.

2. Orexigen:

On the other hand, its orexygen effect implies an increase in appetite, an effect with indications in patients suffering from anorexia or cachexia caused by diseases such as cancer or AIDS. In addition to increasing appetite, it helps increase body weight.

3. Anti-plastic:

It has beneficial effects on spastic disorders involving muscle stiffness since it has effects on activity and muscle tone, as well as motor coordination. Some of the diseases for which this beneficial effect may be indicated are multiple sclerosis, Huntington's disease or spinal cord injuries.

4. Diseases of the movement:

Increased motor coordination helps treat the side effects of Parkinson's medications that cause involuntary movements as well as hyperkinesia of diseases such as Huntington's.

5. Analgesic:

It has been contrasted that Marijuana has analgesic effect so it is a good alternative to treat post-operative pain, migraines, dysmenorrhea and pain associated with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, avulsion of the branchial plexus, cancer, HIV or diseases inflammatory bowel Where conventional drugs have shown little effectiveness, cannabis can become a good alternative to alleviate pain, as is the case of pain of neuropathic and chronic origin.

6. Bronchodilator:

Although it may seem ironic, marijuana acts as a bronchodilator, so it could become an alternative to treat diseases such as asthma. Obviously, due to the irritation it causes in the mucous membranes, the inhaled route should be discarded to treat this type of ailments.

7. Decrease in intraocular pressure:

Marijuana reduces intraocular pressure so it can help in the treatment of diseases such as Glaucoma.

8. Anti-inflammatory:

It has been observed in numerous studies benefits related to functional recovery in patients affected by Multiple Sclerosis due to the anti-inflammatory effect that cannabinoids cause in the body as well as the decrease by patients of the consumption of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).

9. Antiproliferative:

Although still under study, there are encouraging results from some studies that talk about the potential of cannabinoids to inhibit the growth of tumor cells without significantly affecting normal cells. Although this field is still under development, it is expected that in the next trials some issues may be clarified and cannabinoids may form the basis of some strategies to treat patients affected by cancer.

10. Neuroprotector:

Cannabinoids act as neuroprotectors, antioxidants and immunomodulators, preventing and reducing brain damage in some diseases such as Hypoxia-Ischemia, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease or Alzheimer's.
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25 Tips to Lose Weight without Dieting

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medical weight loss

Sometimes we do not know what we dislike more, whether overweight or having to diet. As we go hungry and deprive ourselves of what we like, it does not attract us even a little and we leave it for later. Also, in cases where we try and it does not seem to work, some mistakes can be made.
With these tips you do not have to wait any more because you only have to introduce a few small changes in your eating habits and your lifestyle to recover the ideal shape and weight without much sacrifice.

To help you in the process, start by following these tips:

1. Add foods that help you achieve your goal

Add to your dinner today the two vegetables that you like the most. Since these contain fiber you will feel more satisfied (or) with fewer calories.

2. Dilute juices

Fruits have sugars, which although natural, do not stop having calories. If instead of taking a glass of natural juice, you do it in half and you pour water, you can subtract about 85 calories in each glass. It is good advice to reduce caloric intake.

3. Serve a portion and do not repeat

Especially if it is a high-calorie dish, try not to repeat. You do not have to give up, for example, to that delicious dessert that your grandmother prepares, but make do with a couple of teaspoons.

4. Substitute some ingredients for something lighter

If you learn to substitute the ingredients intelligently, you can continue eating the usual dishes, but lighter and you will not feel that you are sacrificing.

5. Do not skip meals

If you spend hours without eating, the only thing you will achieve is to slow down the metabolism, exactly the opposite of what suits you, which is to "burn" the reserve fat deposits.   

6. While you watch your favorite series

Do something else: wash clothes burns 68 calories; set the table, 85; water the plants, 102.

7. You can chew gum

In recent times it has been discovered that chewing gum without sugar for a day or all day, gets the metabolism to rise above normal by almost 20%.

8. Before walking or doing any exercise

Take a cup of green tea, as it will get you to release fatty acids. In addition, green tea contains antioxidants and caffeine. Both products together, get to burn fat faster.

9. Avoid the products of the type of shake or shakes

With them you only manage to save calories momentarily, since it will later give you more hunger and surely you will eat more. You will add the calories that the shake has and what you eat.

10. Eat, as much as possible, at home

This advice should not be among the tricks to lose weight. The meals and dinners in the restaurant contain elements that we cannot see and the raw materials are of dubious quality: refried oils, flour to thicken sauces, bread crumbs, etc. In addition, we always end up eating desserts and / or coffee with sugar, we drink carbonated sodas or beer. If we eat several days a week in bars or restaurants, we will get fat and our health will be affected.

11. Get used to using flaxseed powder

Flaxseed is satiating and very high in fiber content. In addition, it provides high quality nutrients and helps eliminate calories.

12. Use low calorie dressings

You get an excellent dressing with a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, a quarter of a spoon (of coffee) of olive oil and a spoonful (of coffee) of mustard.

13. Do not use butter or margarine

Use only olive oil and if possible, extra virgin. A toast with olive oil and a few granites of salt is delicious for breakfast. It is much healthier; it provides quality nutrients and takes away your hunger.

14. Drink a lot of water

The more water you drink, the better you will be able to mobilize the leftover elements of the metabolism that are spinning around the body, hindering the release of energy. In addition, water removes hunger and makes your body burn energy by digesting it. In addition, water is essential to maintain good health.

15. Your taste buds can be tricked with a strong peppermint pill, or eucalyptus.

Sucking these pills can calm your hunger.

16. Chew a lot of snacks

When you chew many times, you favor a well-made digestion and, therefore, a good digestion of the nutrients. In addition, you will cheat the stomach and end up eating less.

17. Ask for a blood test

Many people have metabolic problems, because their thyroid does not work properly (hypothyroidism). It is something that may not cause symptoms and the person loses weight very slowly and sometimes it is impossible to get it. It can be corrected with some active ingredients, which the doctor will say.

18. Fill your stomach before eating

If twenty minutes before eating you drink something like a glass of milk, or a piece of fruit, you will get your body from an order to the brain that you have already eaten and arrive at the most unattractive food, or at least without voracious hunger. The appetite process lasts 20 minutes, after which your mind has already received the order that you have finished eating. If it were not like that, we would eat until burst. This is also one of the best tricks to medical weight loss. It is used very little and gives excellent results, especially to people who have anxiety.

19. A good salad as a first course

If during the first twenty minutes you start with a large salad and also chew a lot of bites, when the main course comes, you will settle for half the food and have added high quality nutrients to your body.

20. The salad cut into large pieces

Following with the delay of intake, lettuce, tomato and other elements of the salad, if cut into large pieces, are a good element to cheat the stomach. It will cost you more work to chew them and as a consequence, it will take longer and you will eat less. It's a good trick!

21. Use spicy when seasoning

Spicy causes you to drink more between meals and fill yourself before. Also, if it is very spicy, it will make you abandon your plate before.

22. Take note of what you eat during the day

This gesture can make you better control what you eat and what time you do it.

23. Try to move your body

Do some sports such as walking or going to work walking. The walks if you do them with two or three "mini accelerators" to raise the cardio, you will take advantage of them much more. Climb stairs instead of climbing in the elevator. All these tricks will make you burn calories and therefore, achieve your goal of losing weight. Exercising is free and you will burn the surplus of accumulated energy.

24. Put little food on the plate

Put small portions of each meal and if you're hungry, eat salad.

25. When you jog, speed increases at the end

When you're jogging, speed increases on the last lap. That gesture will cause you to burn many more calories and keep burning when you stop. This helps to strengthen the muscles of the body, which when they are more developed, also help the body to burn more in each day.

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How Can Quercetin Supplements Treat Allergies?

Posted By: Saif Ahmed Khatri - 10:46 AM

Quercetin Supplement

If you are an allergy sufferer, you likely make use of antihistamine drugs to manage your seasonal allergy symptoms during high pollen day. Perhaps this is because your medical professional had advised you to do so, or they have been prescribing it to you in the past. However, it seems that many caught in this situation seem to experience withdrawal symptoms or physical addictions to these drugs over time.

These prescription and OTC antihistamines can make their mark on your body for years. One of the most problematic antihistamines seems to be Zyrtec. Many longer term users report that they experience symptoms of itchiness all around their body as they try to stop taking this drug to manage their allergy symptoms. The itching skin, among increasing seasonal allergy symptoms, is a result of the elevated levels of histamine surging through your body.

Normally, the levels of histamine would be controlled because the antihistamine drug was forcibly blocking the mechanism of histamine causing your symptoms. Histamine is a natural chemical that your body produces in response to being exposed to a deadly pathogen. This allergy chemical tries to create inflammation so that it kills whatever invader is present. However, there was never any pathogen in the first place, it was just harmless pollen tricking your body into thinking that there was a monster inside of you.

Even though histamine is natural and produced by your own body, that does not mean that you want more of it. In fact, our lives as humans would be much easier without histamine in our bodies. We would think more clearly, we would physically feel better and simply be enjoying our lives much more easily. Allergic reactions only occur in nature as glorified mistakes in biology that are made when your body is tricked. The only logical reason for having histamine in high levels in your body, like that present when you experience seasonal allergy symptoms, is when you are experiencing a deadly infection. Therefore, seasonal allergies is like your body is experiencing an intense battle every day with a monstrous pollen pathogen. There must be more simple and natural ways to deal with this common health problem.

Can Quercetin Be a Good Natural Replacement for Your Antihistamine?

Many people with seasonal allergies do not even consider that there are natural alternatives to antihistamines that can have long term effects. It seems that a quercetin supplement does not have detrimental effects on your health like Zyrtec or Benadryl can. Quercetin is a flavonoid that can be found easily in nature through fresh foods in produce like fruits and vegetables.

Quercetin is responsible for the beautiful silver or purple color on some fruits and vegetables. You can tell that a fresh food has quercetin due to this color, which is almost always noticeable. This supplement is much more gentle than an OTC antihistamine can be and it won’t cause side effects. In addition, quercetin has many side benefits including improved mood, increased energy levels and fresher breath.

Everyone who is allergic to pollen should try out a natural antihistamine supplement to see if that could work better for them in the long run compared to a prescription strength drug. Perhaps the strength of these drugs are unnecessary anyway.

For more tips and research/news about allergies, please check out Organic Allergy Relief.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Medicinal Benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol)

Posted By: Saif Ahmed Khatri - 3:42 AM

Medicinal Benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol)

The cannabis contains numerous components such as cannabinoids and terpenes, acting between them causing various medicinal and / or psychoactive effects when consumed. The most well-known and main cannabinoid in charge of the psychoactive effect of marijuana is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) , although there are other non-psychoactive cannabinoids but there are medicinal ones such as CBD (Cannabidiol) or CBG (Cannabigerol) .

Currently the CBD has created a great trend, since besides being 100% legal in most countries; it has a great diversity of medicinal properties, without the psychoactive effect of THC.
Even so, CBD shows its maximum efficacy used with other cannabinoids such as THC and with terpenes.


What is the CBD?

The CBD is one of cannabinoids containing all varieties of marijuana greater or lesser extent. In recent years and after numerous investigations have been discovered many medicinal properties of the CBD, so that their demand has grown enormously.

Marijuana contains cannabinoids such as CBD, THC in addition to terpenes.

The medicinal properties of CBD are multiple, as are the ways of finding and consuming it.

The CBD in marijuana plants:

In most varieties of marijuana, such as Skunk 1 or Jamaican Dream, THC is found in a greater proportion than CBD, so the effect as well as being medicinal will be psychoactive to a greater or lesser extent. The ratio THC: CBD in this type of varieties is usually for example 20:1 or 25:1 (or what would be the same 20% THC and 0.1% CBD approx.)

In addition, there are varieties of marijuana with the same proportion of THC and CBD (ratio THC:CBD 1:1 ), such as Critical Mass CBD or TNT Kush CBD . This type of marijuana varieties are highly recommended for medicinal marijuana users and for recreational users who wish to consume without feeling the psychoactive effects of THC. The effect produced by these varieties is very bearable, physically calm and mentally clean and without psychoactivity. The proportion of THC and CBD is ideal in these varieties, since you will get the medicinal benefits of both cannabinoids equally.

Finally, there are varieties with a higher proportion of CBD than THC, with ratios of THC: CBD that vary from a ratio of 1: 2 as Critical + Auto CBD (5% THC 10% CBD) to, for example, 1:25 ratio as the Dinamed variety (THC 0.5% CBD 10-14%). This type of marijuana offers all the medicinal properties of CBD and an effect totally free of psychoactivity .

Likewise, industrial hemp also has a higher CBD content than THC.

Medicinal properties of CBD:

As we have commented previously, the medicinal properties of CBD (Cannabidiol) are multiple and diverse, all of them have been proven by numerous medical studies and patients. The effectiveness of CBD increases dramatically when consumed along with other cannabinoids such as THC.
Anti convulsive properties: Helps to reduce seizure activity in some
Anti-depressant and / or anxiolytic properties: Helps reduce episodes of depression and anxiety, improves mood.
  • Anti-emetics properties: Helps to reduce vomiting and nausea.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Helps to reduce inflammations of different types.
  • Anti-tumor and / or anti-carcinogenic properties: Helps to fight tumor and cancer cells.
  • Anti psychotic properties: Helps to reduce psychotic episodes in some cases.
  • It stimulates the appetite and helps fight food disorders.

As you can see, the CBD helps to fight numerous health problems, as well as some pains, burns… although it will always be more effective with other cannabinoids and terpenes.

How to consume CBD?

The CBD can be consumed pure, concentrated or diluted. In addition, it can be consumed with other cannabinoids and terpenes or only consume CBD in different ways, such as the ones shown below. As most studies have pointed out, CBD is more effective when consumed with other cannabinoids such as THC.

Consume marijuana with a high proportion of CBD; there are many varieties on the market such as Moby Dick CBD. We recommend consuming marijuana through vaporizers, since you will avoid the risks derived from combustion that occur when smoking. You can consume your marijuana with CBD in any edible cannabis recipe, commonly known as "measurable" (medicated edibles).
  • CBD Pens: If you are a smoker or you usually vaporize, an easy way to be able to consume CBD anywhere is portable CBD vaporizers like KanaVape .
  • CBD in drops: One of the preferred options for CBD users is to consume CBD diluted in edible oil (usually olive oil) to be used sublingually or added to drinks and / or foodstuffs.
  • CBD spray: Like CBD in drops, CBD spray is for buccal or sublingual use, it can also be added in food and beverages.
  • Extracts or concentrates of CBD: There are different types of CBD extractions and concentrates such as 98% CBD crystals or 17% CBD paste that you can vaporize, smoke or ingest depending on the type of extract.
  • CBD in capsules: If you want to consume the ingested CBD or you are a user of medicines in pill form and you have already adopted the habit, a good option is the CBD capsules.
  • Consume CBD cutaneously: There are many products that can be applied directly on the skin, such as the famous Trompetol cream, the massage oil with CBD or the body milk with CBD.

There are other ways to consume CBD, although these are the best known, effective and proven. 

Read this article for more information: cbd oil health benefits

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Monday, April 16, 2018

All The Benefits Of Children's Bicycles: It Is Time To Get One

Posted By: Saif Ahmed Khatri - 11:35 PM
Benefits Of Children's Bicycles

Let’s just say that children and bicycles are closely related. In other words, there are countless advantages a bicycle has to offer to a child. We will simply say that they get benefits related to their body and mind. Now you will want to know more, obviously, so lets us reveal some of the most important reasons why all children need a bicycle.

1. Great way to have a healthy body

Bicycles are all about physical activity. When used on a regular basis, bicycles will boost the muscle strength, circulation, bone growth and etc. Basically, your child will enjoy the best possible type of health.

2. Better blood flow and breathing

Yes, riding a bicycle will boost the circulation, as we have already mentioned, but it will also have a positive effect on the breathing. Combined, this is the best way for children with special needs to get the health they need.

3. Children sleep better and have better digestion

It is a well-known fact that when we are exposed to a high level of physical stress, we sleep better and have a much better digestion. That’s why children need to ride a bike as often as possible. The effectiveness of the digestive tract and the sleep will be so much better after all.

4. Improved range of motion

When you ride a bike, all your limbs will be fully extended. Furthermore, all of them will have to stay in that position for a longer period of time. What this means is that you will improve your range of motion. This simply makes the dressing, moving and walking so much easier.

5. Superb trunk control

Riding a bike will also have a positive effect on the length of how long your kid can sit upright. This translates to a much better attention to school, being able to sit for a longer period of time and finally to the better average at the school.

6. Has an effect on the cognitive development

The main element when it comes to the cognitive development is the movement. More they move, more they will learn. This is the main rule that applies to all children. A bicycle is the best way to allow for children all possible movement they may have in mind.

7. Will be accepted in the society

Nowadays most parents believe that a bicycle and a child must be connected, which directly translates to a higher number of children owning and riding a bike. If you want your child to be accepted in the society, get him a bike. The possibilities are endless, which is a well-known fact actually.

8. Hand-eye coordination

Movement, alongside all other elements and benefits we have mentioned, is the best and the main reason why the hand-eye will be improved. Basically, your child will move hands all the time, have to react quickly and with precision, which is the key to boosting the coordination we have just mentioned.


These are only the main benefits a child will get if he rides a bike. In reality, there are more than 100 actual advantages of a child riding a bike. And, there isn’t a single drawback, so it is essential to get a bike for your kid as soon as possible. There are brands that are doing a great job in the development of bicycles for children like Roda Iberia. These kids bikes are ideal for our children to learn safely.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Posted By: Saif Ahmed Khatri - 11:56 PM


Chiropractor in Brandon FL care is a way to diagnose and treat health problems that affect the nerves, muscles, bones and joints of the body. A health care provider that offers this type of care is called a chiropractor.

Manual adjustments of the spine, called manipulation of the spine, are the basis of chiropractic care. Most chiropractors also use other types of treatments.

What happens during a visit to a chiropractor?

The first visit in most cases lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. The chiropractor will ask about your goals for treatment and your medical history. You will be asked about:
  • Past injuries and illnesses
  • Current health problems
  • Any medication you are taking
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Sleep habits
  • Exercise
  • Mental stress you may have
  • Consumption of alcohol, drugs or tobacco

Tell your chiropractor about any natural chiropractic healing or physical problems you may have that make it difficult for you to complete certain tasks. Also tell him if he has any numbness, tingling, weakness or any other neurological problem.

After asking about your health, the chiropractor will perform a physical exam. This includes tests of the mobility of the spine (how well the spine moves). The chiropractor can also do some tests, such as checking blood pressure and taking x-rays. These tests look for problems that may be increasing your back pain.

The treatment begins in the first or second consultation in most cases.
You may be asked to lie on a special table, where the chiropractor performs manipulations of the spine.

The most common treatment is the manipulation that the chiropractor does with his hand. It consists of moving a joint of the spine to the maximum of its range, followed by a light compression. This is often called "adjustment" and realigns the bones of the spine so that they are straight.

The chiropractor can also perform other treatments, such as massage and other soft tissue jobs.
Some people are a bit sore, stiff and tired for a few days after handling. This is because your body is adjusting to its new alignment. You should not feel any pain from handling.

How many treatments will you need?

In most cases, more than one session is needed to correct a problem. The treatments usually last several weeks. The chiropractor can suggest 2 or 3 short sessions a week at the beginning. These sessions would only last about 10 to 20 minutes each. Once you start to improve, the treatment can be only once a week. You and your chiropractor will discuss the effectiveness of the treatment based on the goals outlined in the first session.

What conditions does the chiropractor best treat?

Chiropractic treatment is most effective for:
  • The subacute back pain (the pain has been present for 3 months or less)
  • Chronic backache exacerbations
  • Pain in the neck
  • Who should not receive treatment with a chiropractor?

People should not receive chiropractic treatment on the parts of their bodies affected by:
  • Fractures or bone tumors
  • Severe arthritis
  • Infections of bones or joints
  • Osteoporosis (thinning of the bones) serious

In very rare cases, manipulation of the neck can damage blood vessels or cause strokes. It is also very infrequent that the manipulation can worsen the condition. However, the evaluation process that your chiropractor does in your first consultation is to see if you could be at high risk for these problems. If so, your chiropractor will not perform neck manipulation.

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Traffic accidents, can chiropractic help me?

Posted By: Saif Ahmed Khatri - 11:34 PM


Can chiropractic help us when we suffer traffic accidents or other types of traumas? The answer is yes.

First of course you have to treat emergencies (hemorrhages, fractures, burns ...) the treatment of this type of trauma depends on the medicine. The role of the doctor is to stop the bleeding, close the wound, or attend to the patient according to the emergency. But then you have to wait for the patient to heal ... Even if the surgeon replaces the broken bones, it is not certain that one will be cured. There is also no certainty that the skin will heal perfectly when the doctor closes a wound.

Points, medications, or other artificial techniques promote healing but do not execute it. If this were the case, it would be enough with some pills, an operation or a blood transfusion to resuscitate a body.

The healing process depends on the innate intelligence of our body, that is, the natural capacity of our body to heal itself.

The accidents or other traumas, however insignificant they may be, can cause sublimation in the spine that affect the nervous system by influencing the immune system and its ability to adapt to environmental stress.

Weakened, the body develops diseases to which it is vulnerable, both physical and psychological. 

Therefore, if you have ever suffered from so-called traffic accidents or a fall or similar, it is important to check the condition of your spine to verify that it has no abnormalities that may affect your health.

Many patients under chiropractic care discover that their current ills are the result of a long-time fall or even the trauma of their birth.

Any traumatic, blow, fall although very slight and unimportant at the time causes damage to the vertebrae and nerves. That is why it is necessary to detect sublimation of vertebrae as soon as possible.

Millions of people leave the hospital without knowing that they suffer from vertebral distortions that have not been discovered and that can later lead to serious health problems.

According to medical statistics, more than half of people who have suffered traffic accidents do not fully recover their health with medical treatments alone. They live with pains, disabilities and other consequences of their accident.

"You will have to learn to live with it"

How many times do people listen that there is nothing to do after traffic accidents and that they must learn to live with the consequences that it has caused them?

It is important for people to know that in order to be completely cured; an important element in the treatment has been missing: check that the spine has not suffered sublimation and impingement of the nerves, which slows healing and causes the rest of the body to malfunction.

The chiropractic can eliminate or significantly reduce your health problems effectively, without drugs or surgery.

The doctor in chiropractic can make the difference between a life conditioned by limitations and a life to the maximum of its possibilities.

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